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Tips for filling out the regular application

See programs that use the regular application.

Getting started

  1. Use a supported browser. The application works best with Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11.

  2. Former students and alumni who studied at Ohio State more than three semesters ago must create an account to use the application. You cannot use your name.# to apply.

  3. Employees who never studied at Ohio State, or studied more than three semesters ago, must create an account to use the application. You cannot use your name.# to apply.

Selecting your program of study/major

  1. Having trouble finding your major? In the Academic Plan section, just hit the yellow "Search" button for a list of all open applications. 

Navigating through the application

  1. Navigate through the application using the blue tabs at the top or bottom of the page.

  2. Hit the "Save Application" button often, or at least before navigating to the next tab.

Using the magnifying glass search tool

  1. Use the small magnifying glass icon to select information from a list. It is better to select information using this tool (when available) than to type it in. (International students may use the icon to select "State," but if your state is not listed, please leave the field blank.)

  2. "Less is more" when searching for your program, your country or your university. Type only a part of the title you are searching for, then select from the results.

  3. Having trouble finding your country? Type your country name in the "Description" field.

Attaching documents

  1. Attach transcripts on the "Academic Data" tab. Attach everything else on the "Final Steps/Submit" tab.

  2. Having trouble attaching documents? Submit without attachments and use the document uploader to connect all materials to your application. You'll need your Ohio State username to use the uploader tool: 1) Submit your application. 2) You'll find instructions on activating your username in the welcome email from Ohio State acknowledging that we have "posted" (uploaded) your application to the admissions system.

Paying the fee

  1. When paying the application fee, you must type the billing address of the credit card exactly as it appears on your credit card billing statement. Use approved USPS address abbreviations.

Still having trouble? Contact us at or 614-292-9444.

Programs that use the regular application:

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering PH, MS
African American and African Studies PH, MS
Agricultural and Extension Education PH, MS, ME
Agricultural and Extension Education, Distance Learning MS
Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics PH, MS
Allied Medicine MS
Anatomy PH, MS
Animal Sciences PH, MS, MAS
Anthropology PH, MA
Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research MO
Architecture MAHR
Art Education MA
Arts Administration, Education and Policy PH
Arts Policy and Administration MA
Athletic Training BS
Astronomy PH, MS
Atmospheric Sciences PH, MS
Biochemistry MS
Biomedical Engineering PH, MS
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program PH
Biophysics PH, MS
Biostatistics PH
Business Logistics Engineering MBL
Chemical Engineering PH, MS
Chemical Physics PH, MS
Chemistry PH
City and Regional Planning PH, MRP
Civil Engineering PH, MS
Communication PH, MA
Comparative Studies PH, MA
Computer Science and Engineering MS, PH
Consumer Sciences PH, MS
Dance MFA
Dance Studies PH
Dental Hygiene BS
Dentistry MS
Design MFA, MA
Earth Sciences PH, MS
East Asian Languages and Literatures PH, MA
East Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Program MA
Economics PH
Education: Teaching and Learning PH, ME, MA, ES
Educational Studies PH, ED, MA, ES
Electrical and Computer Engineering PH, MS
English PH, MA, MFA
Entomology PH, MS
Environment and Natural Resources PH, MS, MEN
Environmental Science PH, MS
Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology PH, MS
Executive Master of Business Administration MB
Food Science and Technology PH, MS
Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering PH, MS
French PH
Genetic Counseling MS
Geodetic Science PH, MS
Geography PH, MA
Germanic Languages and Literatures PH,MA
Global Engineering Leadership MGEL
Graduate Non-Degree ND
Greek and Latin PH
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences PH
Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare BS
Health Information Management and Systems BS
Health Sciences Program BS
History PH, MA
History of Art PH, MA
Horticulture and Crop Science PH, MS
Human Development and Family Science PH
Human Nutrition MS
Industrial and Systems Engineering PH, MS
Italian PH
Kinesiology PH, MS,DE
Landscape Architecture MLA
Latin American Studies MA
Law MI
Linguistics PH
Master Mathematical Sciences MMS
Materials Science and Engineering PH, MS
Mechanical Engineering PH, MS
Medical Dietetics BS
Medical Laboratory Science BS
Medical Science MS
Microbiology PH
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology PH
Molecular Genetics PH
Music PHMA, PH, MA, MM
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures PH,MA
Neuroscience Graduate Program PH
Nuclear Engineering PH, MS
Nursing PH, MS, BS
Nursing Practice DNP
Ohio State Biochemistry Program PH
Ohio State Nutrition Program PH
Oral Biology PH
Pharmaceutical Sciences PH, MS
Philosophy PH
Physics PH
Plant Health Management MPH
Plant Pathology PH, MS
Political Science PH
Portuguese PH
Psychology PH
Public Health BS
Public Policy and Management PH, MA, MPA
Radiologic Sciences and Therapy BS
Respiratory Therapy BS
Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures PH, MA
Slavic and East European Studies MA
Social Work PH, MW
Sociology PH
Spanish and Portuguese PH
Speech and Hearing Science PH, MA
Sports Coaching MSC
Statistics PH, MS, MAS
Theatre PH, MA, MFA
Translational Plant Science PH
Vision Science PH, MS
Welding Engineering PH, MS
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies PH, MA
Veterinary Medicine, Comparative PH, MS