Anatomy Master of Science

About us

The Anatomy Master’s Program is designed to prepare students for continuing their education in a professional degree program (e.g., MD, DDS, DPT etc.) or for research in a PhD program. The Program also prepares graduates to teach Anatomy or pursue a career in a health-related industry. The MS in Anatomy would be appropriate for students who want a graduate degree in anatomy to fulfill a professional need or who want to improve their anatomical knowledge to make a more informed career decision.

A master’s degree (MS) requires 30 graduate credit hours.  There are two masters plans: Thesis, which requires a research project, and Non-Thesis The MS degree is usually completed in 2 years. For a degree, a student takes the required courses in all of the subdisciplines of anatomy (Gross Anatomy; Histology; Embryology; Neuroanatomy; and seminars). 

The student also takes advanced classes in his/her field of specialty; these classes would be in anatomy, other basic medical sciences, and other areas of interest to the student.  Each thesis master’s student also completes a research project. Students may pursue either plan, subject to the rules of the Graduate Studies Committee. Students enrolled in both professional school and graduate school must pursue the thesis plan.