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Arts Policy and Administration - Master of Arts
1813 N. High Street, Room 231
Columbus, OH 43210
phone: 614-292-7183
fax: 614-688-4483

The mission of the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy is to critically engage cultural meaning that fosters social change and advances the public interest through the arts and visual culture through excellence in:

  • Research
  • Policy
  • Teaching
  • Leadership

Our programs promote understanding of the arts and visual culture for all students through a curriculum that is research-based, interdisciplinary, and intent on collaboration with communities both within and outside the University, state, nation, and world.

We emphasize understanding of arts and culture, especially visual culture, in a global, culturally diverse, and technological society. This content is explored through the following:

  • Pedagogical theory and practices
  • Critical inquiry of historical and contemporary artworks
  • Analysis of public and educational policy in the arts and cultures
  • Inquiry in the philosophical, historical, and policy foundations of art education, arts management, and cultural policy administration

Our curriculum includes attention to understanding:

  • Multimedia technologies in cultural production
  • Critique of policies
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Assessment
  • Awareness of comparative international practice

The Arts Policy and Administration Program at The Ohio State University is one of the first in the country to dedicate itself to serious research and advanced training in arts policy and administration. The intrinsically interdisciplinary program is a leader in its field, and works in collaboration with the well-respected John Glenn School of Public Affairs. The program employs a three-part focus that includes:

  • Curriculum
  • Research
  • Collaboration

The curriculum itself has three component parts:

  1. Public policy and the arts and culture
  2. Arts management
  3. Arts education policy and program management

Graduates of the program will have the practical skills required to manage an arts or cultural organization and will understand the important relationships of the arts to education, education to government, and government to the arts.