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Earth Sciences - Master of Science 275 Mendenhall Laboratory
125 S. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210
phone: 614-292-8746
fax: 614-292-7688

The graduate degree program in the School of Earth Sciences provides students the opportunity to develop advanced professional training in the Earth and Environmental Sciences and Geodetic Science.

As a student in the School of Earth Sciences, you will:

  • Investigate the history of our planet, its material structure and resources, and the processes that have driven its evolution and continue to shape our environments.
  • Study the Earth’s interior and surface, its oceans, freshwaters and glaciers, its atmosphere and outer space, and their interactions with each other and with the biosphere.
  • Learn responsible use of natural resources, issues of sustainability, and the mitigation of natural and manmade hazards and global change.
  • Read Earth’s recent and ancient history in its rocks, fossils, landscapes and gravity.
  • Probe and characterize the Earth system using satellites, in situ and laboratory measurements, physical theories, and numerical models. 
  • Have access to several laboratory facilities, data archives and a variety of instrumental equipment.
  • Conduct field work worldwide and independent research on fundamental issues in the Earth and Environmental Sciences.
  • Create and disseminate knowledge about our planet, develop new techniques to explore and understand it, and share this knowledge and our technical skills with colleagues, students, and society.