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About us

A degree from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs offers you a wide array of career options that engage you in work that matters. Whether you see yourself in a senior role at the U.S. State Department, as an agency head in state government, as a city manager, or as an advocate in a nonprofit organization, our program will help prepare you for success.

The rigorous, hands-on curriculum provided by the Glenn College will give you the skills and tools you need to thrive in careers at all levels of government and in the not-for-profit sector.

As a graduate student, you will have all the benefits of a collegial, high-quality graduate program located within a large, research institution. Our program fosters close relationships among students, staff, and faculty. Our attractive and comfortable facility creates an environment conducive to learning and to creating dialogue between students and policymakers on the pressing issues of the day.

You will also draw upon the vast resources of one of the world’s largest, most diverse research universities. Whether this means pursuing a dual degree, working in one of many interdisciplinary policy centers, or participating in a myriad of public forums and lectures, Ohio State has what you need to grow and succeed.

The academically rigorous Ph.D. Program is preparation for individuals pursuing university careers in teaching and research, and for senior-level research roles in government, consulting, and nonprofit organizations. The program is tailored to individual needs and interests and enrolls 25-30 students. Students work closely with faculty advisors in developing programs of study that provide:

  • A basic knowledge of the public policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation processes
  • A thorough preparation in analytical foundations and competence in advanced quantitative tools required for investigating public policy and management problems
  • Competence in public sector economic theory and its application to policy analysis and management problems
  • An understanding of the concepts, methods, and techniques of organization theory and administrative processes applicable to the public sector environment
  • An intensive concentration in an advanced specialization field emphasizing multidisciplinary contributions to the solution of public sector problems

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs includes a core full-time faculty accompanied by other faculty members who divide their time between public policy and related academic disciplines. A wide range of academic disciplines and professional fields are represented on the faculty including: public administration and public policy, economics, political science, law, history, geography, engineering, operations research, nonprofit management, food, environmental, and innovation policy, and quantitative methods. Many have experience in either government or private research organizations.