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When and what to submit
Where to send official transcripts
What we mean by "official and complete"
How to verify that we have received your transcript
Special notes for international students


The Ohio State University requires OFFICIAL transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions attended, with the exception of Ohio State. This includes institutions attended while in high school. Read on for details.


  • Do not submit copies of unofficial transcripts.
  • Do not submit duplicate sets of transcripts.
  • Do not send one-of-a-kind transcripts or diplomas. Academic records are destroyed and cannot be returned.

When and what to submit

1. When you apply, submit official transcripts. At this stage, scans of official transcripts are permitted.

Choose one of the following options:

  • If you already have official transcripts in your possession, you may scan them (front and back) and submit them by attaching them to your admission application. Tip: For each institution you list in the Universities / Colleges section, click "Add Attachment" and attach the transcript for that line. Don't group transcripts from multiple institutions into one file.

    If you've already submitted your application, you can connect scans of official transcripts to your application by using our Admissions Uploader. Log in to the uploader with your Ohio State username and password. (Haven't activated your username and created a password? Go to, click the Activate Now button, and follow the instructions.)

2. If you are admitted, you will be asked to submit official, complete transcripts from all institutions.

If you submitted scans when you applied, or if you've graduated or completed additional course work since applying, you must now submit complete, official transcripts showing all work to date including a final grade and degrees earned. Have them sent to Graduate and Professional Admissions from the relevant institutions. (International applicants, please see special notes.)


Where to send official transcripts

For U.S. institutions

Request that your transcripts be sent electronically from the issuing institution directly to

If your institution does not send official electronic transcripts, you may order them to be sent to us. Transcripts must come directly to us from the issuing institution; they cannot come from the applicant, even if they're in a sealed envelope.

Graduate and Professional Admissions
P.O. Box 182004
Columbus, OH 43218-2004

For international institutions

Send copies of international transcripts, diplomas or degree certificates and English translations in sealed university envelopes to:

Graduate and Professional Admissions
The Ohio State University
Student Academic Services Building
281 W. Lane Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1132 USA

Read special notes for international students below.


What we mean by "official and complete"

An official transcript:

A complete transcript:

  • Shows all work completed to date for each institution as indicated by the dates of attendance you provided on your application.
  • Does not include in-progress courses or courses without a final grade or result. If you were completing course work when you applied and you are admitted, you are required to have a final official transcript for that work sent to Graduate and Professional Admissions once grades and degrees are listed on your transcript.
  • Includes a degree statement listing the name of your degree and date conferred. International students should submit degree certificates and/or diplomas to prove a degree was received.
  • Is translated into English, if applicable.

An official transcript is not:

  • A document you have downloaded for free from your university's website. This includes documents labeled "unofficial," "issued to student," "advising report," or "grade card" and web summary records.
  • Transfer credit from one institution summarized on the transcript of another.


How to verify that we have received your transcript

Check your To Do List

Once we've received a document, it can take 1 to 10 days for us to process it and match it to your application. Only then will it show up in your Applicant Center To Do List as "compete."

Please be patient: Submitting duplicate documents slows processing!

  • To check the status of your application requirements after you've applied, log in to your Applicant Center with your Ohio State username and password. On the right, you'll see a section called To Do List. Click on items listed there for more information.
  • If we receive an item but it's incorrect or insufficient, we will add a "Comment" to your Applicant Center telling you what we need. You can find the comment by logging in and clicking the "More" link in the To Do List.


Special notes for international students

  • Because not all international institutions send transcripts on demand, we will accept official transcripts sent to Graduate and Professional Admissions by the applicant if they arrive in sealed university envelopes.
  • International transcript documents should include certified educational records and degree certificates or diplomas.
  • All documents must be received in the original language with official English translations. Student-made translations are not accepted.