Dance Studies Doctor of Philosophy

About us

The focus of the PhD in Dance Studies keeps dance at its core with research grounded in and emanating from this rich nucleus of human activity. The aim of the program is to produce scholars who can demonstrate disciplinary rigor, intellectual acumen and a profound awareness of developments in their field.

Dance-specific scholarship (incorporating, for instance, the analysis of movement, compositional studies and historical methodologies) forms the heart of the department’s research perspective, and emphasis is thus placed on the student’s attainment of literacy in the theory, history and literature of dance through a cluster of required core courses that reflect this perspective.

After completing core courses, the PhD student conceives a research topic with the close advisement of faculty members. Benefiting from the department’s situation within a leading research university, the student may choose to supplement this independent research through extra-disciplinary studies in any number of fields available in the larger university. The PhD student’s research culminates in a written dissertation.

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