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Education: Teaching and Learning - Master of Education 227 Arps Hall
1945 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43210
phone: 614-292-2332
fax: 614-292-7695

The Master of Education (MEd) program in the Department of Teaching and Learning leads to a post-baccalaureate degree designed for those individuals who seek to earn their initial four-year Ohio license while completing graduate studies and research in their chosen field of study.

All MEd programs at The Ohio State University are fully accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and our programs have been consistently ranked among the top premiere programs in the United States. The structure and content of each program is grounded in the mission and philosophy of The Ohio State University's Teacher Education framework—namely, to assist pre-service teachers in developing the knowledge, skills, and disposition needed to become effective leaders and advocates for social justice in the field of education.

Licensure areas:

  • Early Childhood Education (grades PK–3)
  • Middle Childhood Education (grades 4–9)
  • English Education/Integrated Language Arts (grades 7–12)
  • Mathematics Education (grades 7–12)
  • Science Education (grades 7–12)
  • Integrated Social Studies (grades 7–12)
  • Foreign Language Education (grades K–12)
  • Hearing Impairments (grades K–12)
  • Visual Impairments (grades K–12)