History Master of Arts

About us

Thank you for your interest in the History MA degree. Our MA application is only open to current OSU undergraduate students who are applying for our combined BA/MA programs in Public History. If you intend to apply to the combined BA/MA program, you must receive prior approval before submitting the MA application.

Prospective graduate program applicants: we do not offer a terminal MA program at this time and only admit students who intend to complete the PhD. Please use our PhD application to be considered for admission. Those who enter the PhD program with a Bachelor's degree will earn an MA in History along the way to the PhD.

The Department of History is committed to a tradition of academic excellence. Our large and distinguished faculty provides a notable diversity of historical fields for M.A. and Ph.D. students.

More than 90 graduate students from across the United States and around the world are currently pursuing degrees within the department. Many students and faculty members also participate in the programs and activities of other departments and interdisciplinary centers.

We are proud of our ability to accommodate a wide range of intellectual interests, orientations and temperaments within our program. We also take special pride in our long and abiding commitment to affirmative action in the admission of graduate applicants. We have a record of graduating more African American PhDs than any other department in the country, and our graduates’ consistently strong record of academic job placement.

The university is internationally renowned for its research facilities and its support services.