Oral Biology Doctor of Philosophy

About us

The oral biology doctoral program is an interdisciplinary program consisting of twenty-nine faculty from three health sciences colleges (dentistry, medicine, and veterinary medicine) and the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The major focus of the program is laboratory-based education in conducting research. Students of the program learn to develop a hypothesis, design logically consistent research protocol, collect and analyze scientific data, and explain scientific findings. Students are educated to understand current and classic scientific facts and principles that, in the broadest sense, relate to the dental and craniofacial region. The program also teaches students how to choose and study significant scientific problems using modern scientific approaches.

The oral biology curriculum ranges from basic cell biology to system biology to biomaterials. All students are expected to be versed in the basics of cell function. 

Graduates of this program will be prepared for research and teaching careers in either a university or non-academic setting.