Public Policy and ManagementDoctor of Philosophy

About us

The PhD in Public Policy and Management prepares individuals for university careers in teaching, scholarly research and consulting, and for senior-level research roles in governmental, nonprofit, and other institutional settings. Through our curriculum, the PhD program seeks to provide graduates with an ability to combine techniques and theory from several disciplines to address public sector problems and to advance knowledge of public policy and management through teaching and research.

Specifically, the PhD program seeks to provide students with

  1. An understanding of the intellectual and historical foundations of public affairs, including multidisciplinary contributions to address public problems;
  2. An understanding of public policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation techniques and processes;
  3. An understanding of the concepts, methods, and techniques of organization theory and administrative processes applicable to the public sector environment;
  4. A basic foundation in microeconomic theory and its application to the public sector;
  5. A thorough preparation in analytical foundations and competence in advanced research methods and quantitative tools required for investigating public policy and management problems; and
  6. An intensive concentration in an advanced specialized topic area or discipline.