Educational Studies Doctor of Education

About us

Educational Studies offers two specializations for the Education Doctorate (EdD). 

  • The EdD in Educational Studies focusing on Educational Administration at The Ohio State University is a cohort-based program focused on P.L.A.C.E. @ OSU, a place-based leading and learning framework that uses a combination of concept-based curricula that includes practice and problem solving in context to advance the professional skills of practitioners, scholars and other professionals.  This specialization brings together professionals whose primary focus is PreK – grade 12 education. For more information, go the Department of Educational Studies website.
  • The EdD in Educational Studies specializing in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) is meant to prepare graduates for leadership roles in a variety of higher education contexts. The specialization aims to develop scholarly practitioners that understand the importance of equity and social justice, who can respond effectively to the problems and issues of contemporary practice in higher education.  The specialization brings together individuals who have worked in a variety of roles within higher education and provides a rigorous academic experience with an intentional focus towards the practical application of scholarship. For more information, go to the Department of Educational Studies website.