Kinesiology Master of Science

About us

The Kinesiology program's goal is to educate professionals, scholars and society in the value of sport, physical activity, physical education, management and science. Particular focus is placed on:

  • obesity prevention
  • health and wellness throughout the life cycle
  • physical education in schools
  • the cultural and historical context of sport
  • the business of athletics
  • promoting regular participation in physical activity initiatives and educational programs in order to ensure lifelong health

There are three areas of specializations: 

  • Health and Exercise Science prepares you to educate the public how to enhance physical activity and health behaviors to prevent and treat chronic disease, influence others to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and improve sport and exercise programs.

  • Physical Education teaches you the skills and best practices to educate and train youth to develop and maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

  • Sport Management trains you for careers in the highly competitive sport industry as you learn how to keep sports and physical activities organizations successful.