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About us

The Master of Sports Coaching is a one-of-a-kind degree from The Ohio State University that gives highly motivated and experienced coaches the professional skills needed for success in the 21st century. You'll learn from Ohio State faculty who are experts and former coaches, as well as from current coaches in the Ohio State athletics department as they teach you what it takes to make critical decisions and maintain high ethical standards while you train and motivate youth and adult athletes to perform at their very best.

Time to degree: 1 year (or 1.5 years based on your schedule)


The Master of Sports Coaching (MSpC) is designed to develop high quality graduates who possess an excellent understanding of coaching. The program of study provides you with advanced understanding in coaching effectiveness, mental preparation and performance in sport, nutrition and conditioning for athletes, sport ethics, skill analysis, sports medicine, the role of race and gender in sport, sport marketing and sport law. You will develop skills in analysis, critical reflection, problem-solving and coaching. Your work will be grounded in coaching practice, research and in considering case studies. You will learn from Ohio State faculty and coaches as well as from peers. There are no internships in this degree - you are expected to be actively involved in coaching during the degree.

Five compelling reasons to choose the Master of Sports Coaching at Ohio State:

•  Work with nationally recognized faculty all of whom have been or are involved with sport.

•  Contributions from the outstanding coaches at Ohio State- One of the top college athletic departments in the United States.

•  Coursework designed specifically for coaches.

•  A focus on the practice of coaching.

•  A flexible program of classes allowing coaches to participate full-time; that can be completed in two years of full time study depending upon course loads; or part-time according to the student's own schedule.