Actuarial and Quantitative Risk Management Master of Actuarial and Quantitative Risk Management

About us

The MAQRM provides a curriculum that combines training in modern mathematical finance and in actuarial risk management - two areas that have becomes increasingly intertwined creating a demand in graduates that have acquired expertise in both. The curriculum includes newly developed courses in risk management, and financial stochastic calculus. In addition, students will be exposed to courses in actuarial sciences, financial economics, statistics, and numerical analysis.

The program utilizes well established connections to the statewide insurance industry and well as other businesses involved in risk management in order to create practical experiences and additional mentoring during the two years of study in the MAQRM. These connections will also be instrumental in job placements of graduates. Students in the MAQRM are not supported by graduate associateships.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

International graduates of this major are approved by the Department of Homeland Security for three (3) years of work permission in the United States after graduation. Visit the Office of International Affairs website for more information.