Anti-Racism in Education Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism in Education

About us

The graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism in Education will enable students to engage in a focused study of the historical context, theories, values and aims of anti-racism work within educational projects (across a broad range of settings). This course of study will equip graduate students with the understandings necessary to carefully evaluate and/or endorse existing or novel educational efforts that work toward racial justice.

Students enrolled in this program will study historically contextualized anti-racism theories and practices in educational institutions, from pre-kindergarten through graduate school, and in other organizations relevant to the students (for example; clinical settings relevant for counseling students). Students have the flexibility to progress through the program’s coursework in various ways/sequences, allowing for this certificate to meet the needs of students alreadyenrolled in other graduate programs or those wishing to solely enroll in the certificate.

There is a 4-course (12 credits) minimum to complete the certificate (two required courses and two electives). As students progress, the focal courses will push their thinking forward about social justice and anti-racism in our society, with specific attention to the role of educational settings.