IT Business Strategy Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy – Online

About us

This online graduate certificate program has been created for IT professionals looking to increase their knowledge of business strategy, ultimately aiming have a voice at the strategy table with other executives and business leaders.

Among the many trends Fisher College of Business sees across the business landscape, advances in technology are continual, accelerating and impacting business like never before. This creates a challenge for a select group of business leaders. Whereas, IT used to be a support function within the business providing a technology infrastructure and support, going forward IT must also be a driver of business strategy and growth. This program offers leaders residing in the technical areas of an organization the requisite business knowledge and strategic skills to successfullydrive the organization into the future.

To have a seat at the strategy table, an IT leader mustbe able to anticipate, assess and prioritize how the company responds to such marketforces through the lens of business strategy. However, to have a voice at the table, the IT leader must be able to:

  1. 1. leverage strategic, capital-and-knowledge-intensive investmentssuch as automation, supply chains, analytics, AI and machine learning, digitalization and the Internet of Things
  2. 2. drive these investments into how the organization markets, sells,delivers, services, and manages company offerings through all parts of the business

The Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy is designed to prepare and propel IT professionals from having a seat at the table, to having a voice at the table as strategic business decisions are made.

Program overview:

> Courses are offered entirely online, with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous meetings.

> The three major components of thisprogram are:leadership development utilizing Fisher’s BUILD Leadership Assessment and Personal Development Program 

      1. leadership development utilizing Fisher’s BUILD Leadership Assessment andPersonal Development Program

     2. a core business curriculum tailored to IT professionals that consists of 13.5 credit hours across 8 courses:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Analysis for Managers
  • Strategy Formulation & Implementation
  • Technology & Innovation Strategy 
  • IT DisciplineFundamentals
  • Professional Development,
  • Accounting for Decision-Making
  • Finance 

     3. a capstone project consisting of an oral presentation and a defense of the project in front of sponsors and select faculty from Ohio State; coaches from Ohio State will be assigned to each student