Neuroscience Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience – Online

About us

The online graduate certificate has been created for professional and pre-professional learners to support learning in neuroscience fundamentals, understanding neuroscience in human health, understanding neuroscientific research and its implications, and to provide a skill set for application of neuroscience in professional and daily lives.

This program consists of four core courses and your choice of three elective courses, totaling 15 graduate credit hours. All courses are offered 100% online, are asynchronous and are in an accelerated seven-week format. The program is expected to take three semesters (autumn, spring and summer) if taken part-time, with a possible two semester finish if taken full-time.

The curricula offered begin with an introduction to broad scale important neuroscience principles. From there, learners will take a detailed look into clinical neurological disease and science communication - cornerstones for understanding the relevance and impact of neuroscientific discovery. Learners can then choose to engage in courses about nervous system functions, injury, neuroimaging, research methods, neuroscience history or how neuroscience interacts with society. All program level classes are flexible, interactive and supportive, but also come with a challenge of graduate-level coursework. Participants will succeed in these courses, but they do take commitment and dedication.

Program Overview:

  • All courses are designed and lead by expert Faculty from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. You will interact with research faculty, educational faculty, and clinical faculty.
  • Courses are entirely online and follow a 7-week long course format. The four core courses should be taken in order and participants may choose which elective courses they want to enroll in for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Electives do not need to be scheduled every semester based on individual course preferences.
  • Courses are asynchronous but are not self-paced. Individual instructors set the pace of each course.
  • Each course is designed to tie in neuroscience that is relevant to individual participants regardless of your background or current profession.
  • Core courses provide foundational information about neuroscience and human health, as well as tools for keeping up with neuroscience long after you complete this program.
  • Through elective choices, the participant chooses their own path of interest in neuroscience health, research and theory.