Professional admissions After you are admitted 1. Accept (or decline) your offer of admission

Log in to your Applicant Center to take care of the following business.

Your notice of admission letter (or email) will outline instructions for accepting or declining admission through your Applicant Center, along with any remaining conditions of enrollment. You won't be able to register for classes until you accept your admission offer.

Pay the tuition deposit

If your program requires a tuition deposit or acceptance fee, you will be prompted to pay this fee when you accept admission. With the exception of a few graduate programs, tuition deposits are non-refundable.

How can I defer my admission?

A request to change your admission to a different term must be approved by your program. If you reapply for another term or to an additional program, you will be required to pay another non-refundable application fee and may be required to submit additional supporting documents. When you're ready to return, it is your responsibility to confirm — with your program and with Graduate and Professional Admissions — whether application materials previously submitted are still available and current.