Professional admissions Steps to apply 2. Know your prerequisites

All of Ohio State's professional programs have prerequisite requirements.

Find your program prerequisites

Our overview of professional program prerequisites lists basic prerequisites for Ohio State's undergraduate and post-baccalaureate professional programs.

Current Ohio State students should contact their academic advisor regarding prerequisite course work.

If you are currently working on your prerequisites, make sure you will complete all required courses by or near your program's deadline.

Courses at other institutions that fulfill our prerequisites

If you have completed course work at another institution, review our list of accepted prerequisite course equivalents.

If your institution is not listed and you have not yet applied to Ohio State, our staff may be able to evaluate the courses from your institution. Consult the evaluation request form for details. One evaluation for one professional program per prospective applicant will be honored.

Still need to complete your prerequisites?

Consider completing your prerequisites at Ohio State as a regular undergraduate student. Apply through Undergraduate Admissions.