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Film Studies - Master of Film Studies 150 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Rd
Columbus, OH 43210
phone: 614-292-6044
fax: 614-688-5675

PLEASE NOTE: The program is currently not accepting graduate applications for Autumn 2019. Applicants are encouraged to check on availability for the Autumn 2020 term in August 2019.

The Master of Arts in Film Studies is a multicultural, international, and interdisciplinary program, which approaches cinema as both art and social practice. It will give students substantial advanced training in film analysis, history, and theory, and afford them an opportunity to learn about various film-related disciplines in order to make an informed career choice.


An MA in Film Studies can prepare students for careers in fields including development, distribution, journalism, archival work, film programming, and marketing and can provide a strong foundation for students seeking to apply to Ph.D. programs in cinema and media studies. 

Students pursuing the MA in Film Studies will take four core courses in film history, film theory, and film language and at least six elective courses concentrating on specific traditions, critical schools, directors, genres, and production contexts. The degree consists of thirty-six credit hours in total, thirty of which must come from coursework. Students will be required to show proficiency in one foreign language and will complete a thesis before graduation.

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